Internal security and partition grilles

Very solid but aesthetic grilles that provide elegance and have several advantages.

  • In the event of burglary after breaking the windows access to goods is not made possible because undoing the bar structure takes much time.
  • The sight of the grilles may have a psychological effect on the potential burglar.
  • Daytime the grilles become "invisible" as - depending on the design- when closed, the grilles are impossible to see by pedestrians and passers-by.
  • Open grilles do not disrupt the visibility of the shop display after the opening hours.
Internal grilles are not only ideal for providing protection for shop windows but are also suitable for partition, for example in shopping centers and department stores, for the space division of warehouses and underground car park units. 
Grilles are available with manual and electric operation control. The latter version is available in key or remote control designs.
There is a great variety of retractable grille sizes available.
Based on the MABISZ certificate, our internal grilles combined with the electronic alarm system are suitable for providing overall protection due to the fact that the system sends alarm signals in case of a break-in. The electric version is equipped with a 24 V electric engine in order to ensure increased security to users, and all grilles which are not used in shop windows are fitted with a fall control option.

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